To BE UNDERSTOOD, tell a story they want to listen to.

Day-by-day, we work with leaders in Human Resources, Information Technology, executives and management and they ask, “How can we reach all our employees with important messages?”

Whether you need strategies on how to best reach certain populations, such as millennials, telecommuters or members of the sales force who are never in the office. Or, if you wonder if you’re sending too many emails, the answer is to engage each audience right where they’re at.

Our method: effective communication means to identify each audience, determine what they need to know, identify what’s in it for them and then craft a story that makes that understandable – and unforgettable.


What You Need to Know About the New Fair Labor Standards Act (FLSA)

If you are responsible for communicating with employees, you will soon have some messages to communicate regarding their pay. The Department of Labor passed new regulations on overtime pay. These new rules will go into effect on December 1, 2016. Your Human Resources or Compensation counterparts will be working through summer and early fall to […]

Sick Of Content Reviewers Runining Your Employee Communication

Sick of Content Reviewers Ruining Your Employee Communication?

Imagine: a process where your content reviewers don’t delay or ruin the messaging in your next employee communication…Before we talk about how to get there, let’s look at where you might be right now. Every employee communication begins with a well-meaning purpose. Someone comes to you to request the communication. Or, you have the benefit of […]


Latest Insights on Employee Communication and Engagement

Let us help you stay in the know! Here are five recent articles representing the latest meaningful insights on employee communication.    This Year in Employee Engagement: 2016 Trends to Watch The Role of Communication in Employee Experience and Employer Branding What Talia Jane’s Story Teaches Us About Employee Engagement Most Companies are Terrible at Listening […]

Blog - 4 Stress-Reducing Ways To Communicate Form 1095-C - Blog Graphic

4 Stress-Reducing Ways To Communicate Form 1095-C

Business Man_1100 x 355_final

How to Pivot Your Communication and Add Value by Taking Jargon Offline

If reading that headline made you roll your eyes, you’re not alone. If it made you confused, get in line. Yet, with today’s standards, it hardly set a record for overusing “buzzwords.”


How to Grab the Attention of a Male-Dominated Workforce

In certain industries or roles, it’s common to experience a gender imbalance. Do you have a workforce that is predominately men and wondering if there is a specific, effective way to communicate with them? Here are some guidelines to follow: Give the punchline first. When thinking about your message, what is the bottom line? Have […]

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