Being social turns employees into company advocates.

It means forming an internal social media strategy. It means building a grassroots campaign for your latest program. It means allowing your employees to be ambassadors and influencing other employees and speaking their language. It means helping every employee feel like he or she belong and it leads to your employees feeling more like a community.

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Stalk Your Employees!?

5 little known ways to learn what matters to your employees Did you know that there’s a job where people are paid to root through the trash to learn things about consumers? Companies use this method to shadow their target customers. Their ultimate goal is to learn more about their audience preferences, consumption habits and […]


Employee Activism: Creating a Culture of Employee Thought Leaders

If you’re responsible for communicating with employees, you have countless important messages to share with them on a daily basis. You can distribute posters. Send newsletters to employees’ homes. Post articles on the Intranet. Roll-out videos. Send emails. With all of these methods, you’ll experience some measure of success. Yet, even if the employee receives the message, […]

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What Talia Jane’s Story Teaches Us About Employee Engagement

You may have heard about the blogger, Talia Jane who wrote an open letter to the CEO of her company, the San Francisco upstart, Yelp. In her letter, she shared her point of view on how she cannot sustain a lifestyle on the wages she’s being paid. Clearly, Talia has some talent in social media […]

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Don’t Spend Another Minute on Social Media for Employees – Until You Read This!

Social media at work part 3: Five ways to make it effective Enterprise social media is the most effective way to communicate with employees, help them collaborate with each other and increase productivity. The first article of this series, Social Media at Work,  Get on Board or Get Better, explored key reasons to consider using […]

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What the Heck Is Slack?

Social media at work part 2: Five enterprise social network solutions everyone’s talking about It can be easier to find your first grade teacher on Facebook than it is to find your company’s marketing associate in London. The methods we use to communicate at work are changing almost as rapidly as Katy Perry changes her […]

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