If it’s the right kind of razzle dazzle, you can get the attention of even the most jaded employee. Brilliant.

Photos and videos can communicate in ways that words alone cannot. Video is the most powerful form of communication. Not only does it quite literally bring your topic to life, it also increases the chance of employees engaging with the content by 50%.

Being brilliant is also about staying abreast of the latest developments in ways to communicate. Whether you want to be a trendsetter, or just keep your eye on the success rate of new methods, you can count on us to bring you up-to-date.

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Ditch the Grip N’ Grin Photos!

Use photo editing tools to create more engaging photos for your internal communication. Photos are a powerful way to communicate, second only to video. While you may want to include a photo or two in all of your internal communication, there are two major crimes you’ll want to avoid. Terrible stock photos. Generic photos that […]

Dress code tips

Non Eye-Roll-Inducing Tips to Communicate Dress Code to Employees

The second year of my career, I met my new manager, Peggy, who was promptly horrified that I came to work wearing sandals with no pantyhose. She reprimanded me immediately. I was dumbfounded at Peggy’s suggestion that I wear pantyhose. No one that I knew still wore pantyhose slips. It was the 90s! What’s more, […]

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Here’s How to Communicate With Every Generation at Work

If 40 is the new 20, that means that retirement is probably even more years away than you’d like to admit. With longer work/life expectancy, people find themselves working into their 70s, and even later. Our new reality: up to five generations in the workplace! Use this infographic for some some tips on how you can facilitate better […]

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How You Can Rise Above All the Noise and Win Your Employees’ Attention

Facebook … Twitter … Pinterest … Instagram … Blab… SnapChat … Texts… WhatsApp… Chats… Slack… Emails. Those are just some of the competitors for your employees’ time and attention. Notice what’s not on that list? Customers and clients. Let’s hope they take up at least an equal portion of time. It’s not just the overabundance of communication methods – both personal and professional – that […]


POWER Texting: Engaging Your Employees via Text Messaging

90% of all text messages are read in under 3 minutes How long do you think it takes your employees to read the communication you send them via email? How about the content you post on the Intranet? Texting is one of the most immediate forms of communication and a powerful way to get in […]

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You Should Want Employee Leaders Who Are Like Cam Newton

Here’s why. Cam Newton, quarterback of the Carolina Panthers and the NFL’s 2015 Most Valuable Player (MVP) is a polarizing personality. With his recent, consistent success, his fans have much to cheer for. He’s a media dream for reporters, social media and news networks, offering enough story angles to almost guarantee high-volume traffic to any outlet that covers him. […]

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Breaking Through via SMS

How smart organizations use text messaging to get employees’ attention As a consumer and customer, you’ve probably become spoiled by the convenience of SMS, or text communication: Users of food delivery services like seamless.com benefit from knowing that their food is being prepared and when it will arrive. Shipping services – and Amazon Prime – sends […]

company poster

Is the Company Poster Dunzo?

My first job ever; I was a checker at a Kroger grocery store. As a teenaged part-timer, I got a 15-minute break each shift. That was just enough time for a Dr. Pepper and a visit to the dingy employee lounge with a poster-covered wall proclaiming our rights as employees and the latest rules. Since then, at every […]

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